Finally. I have done the necessary work to prepare for the release of my first poetry book entitled Drops of Ink: Trials of the Endurer. It’s a lifetime of work, growth, pain, joy, ups, downs, depression, overcoming, enduring, long-suffering, hurt, challenges, triumphs, and pretty much any other adjective you can name. As I prepare for an August release I’m having a campaign for pre-sales. It’s my hope that you will be able to support this endeavor if you are able. The form is below and I appreciate you taking this journey with me.

As with releasing any book, there will be questions. As most poets know, every piece we write people think is about us. They forget we take on the human experience of all those around us. No one does this better as a writer than Chicago’s Leslé Honoré. Her work in Fist and Fire is riveting, revealing, and telling.

One of the forthcoming works in this book is entitled I Miss You. It’s a series of stanza I call heart letters. They are written to a father after three decades of absence in the life of his son and chronicles things that occurred in son’s life while his father was ghost.

In Closing…

Thank you for your time and I hope you take this journey with me and support the arts.