I want to thank all that have supported my craft over the years. Please see the links below to share, purchase, and support Chicago Artist and the Arts.

Soul Restoration is the first fruits of my gift dedicated to my relationship to the Lord.  If you are looking for an alternative for your children, this is the song you want them to listen to.  Some churches don’t have a particular care for Hip Hop, not alone Christian Rapers who have turned their life from the streets to Jesus, but you can’t deny the gift and how the message of the Gospel has been shared in Dance, in Mime, in Poetry, in Song, in Instrumentals, in Sign Language, and in art itself.  We are here to stay and my blend of music, hip hop, hip hope, and worship will continue to impact a generation on a small or large scale.

Soul Restoration: By The Endurer Featuring Restore

iTunes: Purchase here.

CDbaby: Purchase here.

Spotify:  Listen here.

Soul Restoration Video: Producer Tone Jonez (JeeJuh) Videographer (PNoble TV) Vocalist (Alicia Restore Spikes)  Engineer (Dan Korn of Studio 11).  Lyricist, yours truly, The Endurer.

Welcome to #TheMovement

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