Greetings Readers, Well, future readers.  I’m starting this blog as a push to engage myself in the world of writing, information, purpose, and passion.  Yep, that’s an overload but I’m still figuring me out at the ripe age of 43.  There’s a distinction between what pays the bills and what “pays it forward”.  I don’t work in my passion which is youth.  For years I’ve been told that I have to make money, support a family and have a big title to be successful.  But, what’s that void inside?  A void shrouded with long hours, hidden agendas, bottled up emotions because at the end of the day you know there’s more to life and you’re simply taking the easy way out.  A void contaminated with fear and complacency.  It’s not a fear of failure, failure is an inevitable path to learning.  It’s a fear of success, a fear that you are worth more than money.  A fear that against all odds and you have survived the worst and best life could through at you.  A fear that you don’t care about being accepted for who you are but what you were created to become.  This is my journey, sharing my words, sharing our world, and finding my voice to reaching our youth.