I am a local Spoken Word / Hip-Hop artist in Chicago that infuses a plethora of life experiences to reach the young people in the City of Chicago.  I am a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, an ordained minister, and I work in the technology field.

I dropped my first album in September of 2018 entitled, My Journey, named after my daughter.  It chronicles an ode to “Hip Hop”, life, community, spirituality, and relationships.

I am a motivational speaker within local school communities and have addressed youth in small and large group settings throughout the Chicagoland area for my creative methods of urging youth to rise above their circumstances and champion success.  I am a published devotional writer for the Apostolic Church of God. I have done public speaking for corporations including Jack & Jill Foundation, Chicago Public Schools, churches, CHAMPS Male Mentoring Program, Boeing International and the Noble Network of Charter Schools.  One of my great joys we being able to perform with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra alongside the great Travis Newsome, Maestro Dr. Greene-Johnson, and the famed Victor Van Wooten.