There is a school called Christ the King
There was a time when Blacks were not allowed
I guess Christ wasn’t King

“Christian” organizations raising money for America’s definition of a patriot exposes the depth of racism’s rooted and intentional influence in Christianity. A 17 year-old armed white male with a weapon allegedly killed two people. Even if in self-defense, he killed them, walked pass police officers, and went back home to go to sleep across state lines. According to Brian Urlacher and conservative media outlets like Fox News, Kyle Rittenhouse is a patriot. The white citizens he killed were anarchist.

False imagines of a White Messiah and White virgin Mary have been held as true history and embedded in the hearts, minds, and souls of the American, Latin, and European empires. You can’t judge Black Liberation Theologist for building their own churches and teaching an Afrocentric, Asiatic, Middle-eastern representation of true Biblical history. Christianity has been whitewashed for centuries. That poison has been deeply rooted in the antebellum South pre / post the Civil War as well as the shadow racism in the North that pretended to offer a glimpse of civility while its unions, corporations, judicial systems, zip codes, financial, and educational institutions enforced racist policies. Racist laws, enacted in the name of Christianity have sponsored subjugation, White male superiority, and discrimination at the core of America’s founding roots. Any descendant of slavery who fought against it either escaped, was raped, maimed, or murdered. Any white person who stood with those descendants were jailed and/or murdered.

White people cannot decide to play the “Jesus was Jewish” not “Black” card while sustaining images of White superiority in their cathedrals and edifices. White evangelical’s can not preach “color doesn’t matter, Jesus saves” while maintaining that the right Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr. is a champion for Christian values while allegedly being found in compromising photographs. White evangelicals who don’t speak out against racism can’t defend a President who brags about grabbing vaginas. To this Republican Party only Republicans can be patriots. They deem all else (Democrats) race-baiters, anarchist, Marxist, and unpatriotic. If America is in turmoil it falls on the administration leading the country. It doesn’t fall on Democrats or the Black Lives Matter Organization (now matter how I feel about their irresponsibility in leadership).

The #AllLivesMatter – #BlueLivesMatter (law enforcement) proponents that allowed a white male to walk away from a crime scene and cheer while also championing a white police officer for shooting a Black man in the back 7 times, will be the future leaders of this country. Make no mistake, Christians must stand for all or stand for none. White evangelicals have decried prostitutes while championing a commander in chief who cheated on his wife with one. It’s the same hypocrisy that Black evangelicals championed when Bill Clinton (the unwarranted and ill-named first Black president) was found in adultery and lied before the nation. We must go to the origins of Christianity and begin teaching the truth of its African ancestry and not its Eurocentric traps. We must root out racism in religion so it can be rooted out in the laws that are instituted from a such a viewpoint. Otherwise we remain one nation under fraud, divisible, with liberty and justice for the rich, the wealthy, and the White.

We can find that the plight of Black America has been lead by two type of persons. Those who would conceal the truth in a lie, and those who remain silent and conform to its will. As a nation in crisis, we’d rather increase law enforcement to deal with civil unrest than deal with the racist policies in federal and municipal districts that arrest violent White men peacefully and gun down unarmed Black men and women. We’d rather pass laws that disenfranchise minority voters, that ensure every citizen has a right to vote. That is a nation in peril. While that maybe the American way, it surely isn’t the Christian way.

Thank you.