I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a judge. I’m not a politician. I’m not a journalist. There are intricacies in law that will baffle a majority of American citizens. The only question that remains is are African Americans, blacks, Moors, Hebrew, Israelites, whatever label others like to give us these days, are we still citizens? LaQuan McDonald’s murderer, Jason Van Dyke, got a slap on the wrist for unloading 16 shots into the body of a young man that dropped after the first two shots. Several quad cars on the scene. No taser, no one surrounded him, no audio of an alleged, “drop your knife” commanded issued by taxpayer paid assassin on the Chicago police force.

A murderer was sentenced to 81 months, or with good-time, 3.5 years max in prison for the murder of LaQuan McDonald. It’s a clear picture of black lives don’t matter. The officers who allegedly falsified documents relating to the murder have been found not guilty on all counts and will get back pay, pension money, and more than likely a return to their jobs or go somewhere else to continue their onslaught and predatory actions against Black men. The code of silence exists continually and it’s always seemingly at the cost of Black lives.

Instead of being lynched, as the gallery below shows, we are being choked, beat, dragged, punched, kicked, bludgeoned, falsely arrested, falsely incarcerated, falsely accused, falsely sentenced, and falsely ridiculed. We are again, lambs being slaughtered by those called to protect and serve. And the future of the white race rests in a recent MSN post displays Nazi’s in training as they taunt and mock a veteran of the United States Military.

As a military man, I have stood by my country. It has pure good and pure evil. It has good intentions and bad intentions. We are flawed. Surely every house has a vessel of honor and dishonor. The white supremacy that once hid behind the laws of government has now resurfaced. There are no halls of justice for us. Only the echoes of the heart of a nation that would have us back in slavery. A nation that would…Wait, I can’t say an entire nation. I can’t speak for every American in the United States, I can only speak for those that stand in the shadows of hate, carrying Tiki torches on college campuses, that would like to build a wall of stupidity to show how far we have come and that destruction is at our front door as a nation.

I didn’t write this for coherency. I just need to get something outs. Things like these officers are not killing gang members, they are killing citizens who can’t return fire, who are unarmed, and who are not gang affiliated. After talking to a beat cop, white and a really good guy, he explained the reason why. The retaliation would be brutal if police murdered a true well-known gang member. Their families would not be safe at all. That’s simply said, and I’m simply pissed that we are at war against police and we are at war against the gangs in our communities and as a Christian, I should not be in this emotional place, but I am at a place of feeling…hopeless.

Rest on LaQuan. Rest on Hadiya. Repent America.