There is no doubt that most people in the world have experienced domestic abuse. I was hit with extension cords, broomsticks, fist, and 2 x 4’s. Life can be rough. There’s nothing like a young man watching his mother get pulverized with a cowboy boot. There’s nothing like seeing your mother get punched so hard in the face while she is laying down screaming and defenseless. Yet, we either grow up to be part of the problem or part of the solution. My anti-anthem for domestic is entitled He Loves Me. I didn’t include any families in the video because I wanted the words and the ministry of dance to relay the message. If you’re like me, you have enough visuals of firsthand accounts witnessing domestic violence.

I’m asking for as many people as possible to support this single by making a purchase on CDBaby for $0.99 cents. I am supporting a group of women who safely and privately rescue spouses and their children from abusive relationships. The single can be purchased here.

The Most Riveting Song of 2018

I hosted a documentary this week for a dear friend. The Janine Hall Story is Janine’s part 1 series of her journey through being a victim of domestic violence and being brutally stabbed and left for dead. She is a survivor and the link to her documentary is below.

Thank you for your support and please help us change lives.

Tony Briscoe