As a minister of the Gospel I am saddened by all lost of life. Be it babies in the womb, be it violence in our community, and those from tragic but natural causes, I grieve.

Particularly, today, in the wake of such vile hatred of human life in its most cowardly and heinous form. This act of terrorism that has struck Christchurch, New Zealand, was enacted by white terrorist supremacist who are pro-Anglo and anti-humanity. This awful form of racism continues to infect our society across the world. While sectarian violence exists amongst every tribe, community, village, and faction, on occasions as such we must remember the importance of uniting as human beings and standing again tyranny.

As a Black man, as a Christian, and as an American, it is disconcerting to know that these murderers have cited some of my fellow Americans as an inspiration to their acts of cowardice. It is a sentiment of the racial tension that has arisen since Donald Trump rose to political power. It is further perpetuated when he addresses tiki torch carrying white supremacist as “fine people”. It is this callous, insensitive, and dumbfounded response to racism that has paved the way to Nazism to rise in North America to the other side of the hemisphere.

Action must be taken to stop using extremism when white men murder in the masses. It’s time to stop using mental illness as an excuse for white men that murder innocent, unarmed, worshipping people. The American media and even the Prime Minister used extremist in their language. It is beyond that. It is hatred in its true form and until we get serious about calling hate groups in America terrorist groups we will continue to allow the growth of these well armed, well trained militias to grow and occupy our space.

The three prime monotheistic religious have been haunted, stalked, lynched, hung, burned, experimented on, and murdered in cowardice. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity have more in common that we do in opposition. One day the children of Abram will rise up and band together and fight as one against world hatred, sectarian massacres, and evil.

My prayers are with my brothers and sisters in humanity as Ramadan for them will never be the same. Evil lurks behind the door of every synagogue, church, mosque, and every school. May the spirit of Cyrus arise and let us live in unity together and may the spirit of David arise that we may stand and defend one another from demonic-oppression.

My Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity I am praying for you. Shalom.

The Endurer

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