As a part of’s media team, I had the pleasure of donating photography services for the Think Tank Foundation’s annual Black and White Gala. This amazing event took place at Chicago’s historic Swift Mansion located on 4500 South Michigan Avenue on the south side of Chicago. Darnell Bobo, the organizations president and visionary leader, stared in the eyes of the community of young black youth who seemed forgotten by society and decided to take action. He partnered with other likeminded individuals and formed on of Chicago’s grassroots philanthropic organizations.

When asked what’s the vision and purpose of the foundation, Mr. Bobo reflects on the organizations mission statement.

The Think Tank Foundation uses educational programming, assessments and rewards to effectively change the way children of color see themselves on a global scale. Our goal is to create a generation that is properly equipped with the skills, knowledge, and self-love necessary to become functioning members in the communities for which they came from.

One of the major highlights of the night was honoring two members of the community who embody the principles and goals of the foundation. Anthony Jones, community organizer and owner of AJ Styles Beauty Salon, and fellow business owner, community organizer and activist, Creative Scott. Robin Bobo, wife of Darnell, talked about the importance of lifting up black men as much as black women are recognized. These two gentlemen are continuing pouring into their west side communities and Creative Scott announced he will begin his campaign for State Representative on September 24, 2019.

The gala highlighted a nice of fun, excellence, celebration, dancing, and charity. We look forward to next years event on and even grander scale as Mr. Darnell Bobo and his board of directors continue to impact school systems across the state with positive affirmations of black excellence for our black youth. It takes a nation to raise great citizens but it takes a greater organization and a wonderful team to take on the work. Congratulations on a successful year and we look forward to your continued growth, success, and fulfillment in young people of color!

We close out with the dynamic leaders celebrating their team and their community. Blessings.

Think Tank Foundation closing out the evening of September 21, 2019’s Black & White Gala!