Yes, I’m disgusted, pissed off, angry, saddened, broken, frustrated, and trapped. My former rap partner shared the following lyrics in an old song we recorded together called Racist Hell, “can’t live near the whites, cause they don’t like brothers, can’t live near the blacks, cause they kill each other…”

There are places in America where Caucasians and African-Americans dwell together in Harmony but that doesn’t stop the stereotypes. It didn’t stop two white men, a father and son duo, in chasing down Ahmaud Arbery and murdering him in cold blood. The poem I am sharing below has been modified to a version that is respectful and that’s purely the wisdom of my wife and good friend (who I’ll call Benji). As I grow older, educate myself more on African History, and increase my Christian faith to the true roots of it’s inception from an Asiatic, Oriental, Afro-Centric, and a non-European lens, I am beginning to feel the spirit of Elijah. But I am not at Mt. Carmel up against the prophets of Baal. I am in Mt. United States of America up against racism. It’s America’s number one pandemic since inception that has been perpetuated on the first slave ship arrived on these shores.

We have little justice here. Travyon Martin’s murder walks free every day, along with Rekia Boyd’s murderous former Chicago Police Officer. When an African-American is murdered all excuses are made. It shows in this disgusting recusal by GA District Attorney George Barnhill. When my people are killed we hear, “Sandra Bland had to much mouth, Ahmaud Arbery has a criminal background, Eric Garner was selling cigarettes. WTH people!

Let’s say the tables were turned and Ahmaud was able to grab the gun and kill those white racist chasing him down like an animal, he would have been arrested on February 23. The video showing that happened would have been made public February 23 to paint him as hostile, but when it’s white people the narrative changes. Yet, we see a so called Christian organization raising money for the father and son murderous duo. It’s shameful.

It’s not enough for me to tell this story; it’s old. White people, white friends, white family members, white politicians on both sides of the aisle must step up and deal with the truth of the origin of this country and policies that kill Black people and let White people go free for doing it. Change will only come when white people say, “we’ve sat on the sidelines long enough”. If they don’t, then stop going to church and living a false belief that keeps you comfortable in your pews and your shoes. Stand up as Yeshua (Jesus) stood up for the oppressive religious forces of His earthly time. Lose the image that you hold of a blue-eyed savior. He wasn’t white. He was as melanated as the man who bore his cross on his road to Calvary.

A great man wanted all of God’s children to say free at last. Unfortunately, Dr. King’s dream was always America’s nightmare.