Tonight I went to see my family
It was not easy, we haven’t spoken in 2 years
The hurt, the pain, the damage, the trauma; it’s real
Unforgiveness has a way of latching on to the soul of humanity
The hurt outweighs the healing
The anger, bitterness, and resentment
Outweighs the possibilities we can create if we walk in love

In spite of it all, without permission, I showed up
I came empty
No expectations to be hugged
I chose to be a living example and embodiment
Of Jesus’ love
Reciprocation was not a requirement

Tomorrow I’ll return home
Grateful to have supported my family during a wonderful occasion

Perhaps, I’ll return to the morbidity of our brokeness
And wallow in seas of envy as I watch other families bond in love
Standing for one another

Let me stop

I don’t want reality
I’m living in a moment of
Endurance and hope
I like it here
Hopefully in a temporal plan
I remain frozen in time
Incubated in amber
Open arms
Waiting to be
Released, freed from division
That often prevents me from being whole

Let me stop

I only 
This Moment!

I got a hug!