Welp, I’ve decided I want to journey to the African continent, specifically, Ghana. It’s not an inexpensive trip. It’s $5K. In order to fund this endeavor, I’ve decided to ask for support for my book, Drops of Ink. Not that I haven’t asked before but turning it up a notch. Often time people feel as though “gofundsme’s” are a cash handout. To avoid the perception that I’ve created a Google Form for those that would like to support my trip by purchasing a copy of my book.

Why now? Well, I’ve listened to WVON for several years but in the last few years I’ve grown an affinity for Inspirational Sunday’s with Linal Harris. He actually looks like a very good friend of mine, Vondale Singleton, the founder of CHAMPS, but that’s another story. While heading to church on Sundays’ my family listens to Mr. Harris. There are lessons he gives to my daughter that she would fuss and gripe about if it comes from me. Ironically, whenever I work to engage her in a conversation, failure, success, all things in excellence, or sex, there are times when she wants to blow it off when low and behold, Sunday morning and Linal Harris is right there in her business, kool-aid, and video.

Linal has spoken several years regarding his voyages to Ghana, his first one with the famed Dometi Pongo, and each year he comes back with something new. I want to be a part of that journey. I could say, part of that journey one year, but that wouldn’t give me anything definitive. It would keep me in the world of ordinary. It would keep me at bay and fearful. I’m aiming for FY20 in July to take this trip and doing it without dipping into my little savings. I want to fund this by taking on some consultant work and marketing my book. Achieving it this way will not cause any undue financial stress on my family. I seek to do this as I journey through understanding my purpose, calling, and supporting the people I love at home, at church, at work, and in the community.

As an African-American, Black man, human being, I believe I will gain some understanding of the culture of my ancestors, as a famed author put it, “Before the Mayflower”. I believe all problems in my community stem from a lack of cultural understanding. The potential of realizing who we are and how it can change our trajectory is endless. In a recent freestyle, I posted the following…

Is my name Anthony or Mustafa
Briscoe or Mufasa

Keeping my focus tight and making big asks in my circle. How good do I want this? Lord, lead me in all truth. All signs are not a warning to stop, some are a reminder to keep pushing forward. Onward to the journey. I close with a spoken word piece in the spirit of free-styling.

Africa, do you want me
There with you
I struggle here, in America
We’re hunted like wild game
Emasculated daily
Images of torture
Places in the south we still can’t go
Built this country under the sting of whips
Sliced open my back like bread
Erased our kingdom from my memory
Forgot I was son, prince, king
Brother, father, ruler, husband, chief, tribal
Erector of universities, pyramids
We built schools we can’t attend
Businesses we don’t own
Yet, opportunity is still here
But should I be there with you
Africa, do you want me?