If you want to know the value of White lives in America you can look in several directions. You can look at how African-Americans/Blacks (Moors- Israelites – for those who don’t like colonized-given labels) were treated for the government infused crack epidemic that hit America in the 80’s which exploded a wave of violence, gentrification, redlining, incarceration, and poverty in “ghetto” communities.

If that’s not enough, you can look at the injustices of the brutal beating of Rodney King in California by white police officers, all but two were acquitted of using excessive force and later convicted in federal charges of violating RK’s civil rights. This all done by an all-white jury, or at least we thought, until Juror No. 8 shared he was the son of a White mother and an African-American father.

We’ve seen Black men killed in confrontations with White police officers all over the country. It happens often and just rarely happens. However, when the shoe is on the other foot, we do not see the same NRA, Blue Lives Matter protection for Black police officers. Somali-American was the first highly profiled case where in error, though fearing for his life, killed a White Australian women in Minnesota. Mr. Noor is serving a 12.5 year prison sentence for murder. No prior harassment charges, no misconduct reports (to my knowledge). He so happened to be investigating a reported 911 call and fired his weapon after being started by noises in near by bushes, that ultimately turned out to be the victim. He was stripped quickly of police powers, charged quickly, convicted relatively quickly and dealth a heavy hand. Hmmm, we can’t say the same for Officer Van Dkye, who fired 16 shots into the body of a young Black man. He will be home soon after a piss-poor charge of 3 years. Botham Jeans murdered, White officer Amber Guyer received less time than Noor and she murdered Botham while in his own apartment.

Now, a new case is emerging right here in Chicago. Chicago Police officers, allegedly shot a white male on at the Grand stop on the Red Line of Chicago’s rail system on 2/28/2020. Video has surfaced and 2 days later we are hearing comments from Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, that the footage is “disturbing”. The FBI is working in investigation with the Cook County States Attorney’s Office to see if charges will be filed, though we are not sure if that’s against the offender or the police officers.

Regardless, the reaction has been swift. If this has been a young African-American male resisting arrest we’d see major support for the department. Shouts in defense of how compliant the teenage boy should has been to prevent himself from getting shot. Yes, no such cries now. What we have is presumably swift responses and things do not appear to be in favor the police officers. I will not provide a comment on the video and add to further speculation regarding the officers involved. I’ll save that for the media outlets with a plethora of resources. I am just resonating how quickly the tables turn when Black officers shoot and/or kill white people. Blacks are constantly told to stop resisting, when there is no visible resistance. Shot like Castille sitting in a car, choked like Garner for selling loose squares, shots like Sterling for selling CD’s, like Charles Kinsey, shot while flat on his back with his hands in the air, or beat like Rodney King after a traffic stop. Seemingly, all lives do not matter, only white ones.

“Black lives matter don’t seem to matter to all lives” ~ K-Love