From Video on NYPost

Where Brooklyn at?

New York, big city of dream

Came in the form of teens

Like animals, they ravaged

A 15 year old girl

Jumped high, three feet off the ground

Thrusted feed in her face

Beat her like savages

Her brothers betrayed her

Stomped on her head

Stole shoes off her feet

Ran like cowards

Laughed, cheered, championed each other

Black and proud

Faceless disgraces

Protectors becoming oppressors

Kings turned to peasants

Sons turned to bullies

Killers in training, lost generarion

Disgrace of the nation

I am ashamed because they were mine

My kids, my sons, my sin

Cursed am I to birth such infestations

Of moral depravity

Women give birth to us and in return

We ravage, we damage, we savage

No rescue, she laid their, helpless

Because her brothers tried to kill her

Bleeding externally, frightened internally

No savior, no espace

From their brutality

And cameras became her hero

Captured humanity at its worse

And the world saw this heinous crime

And asked

Where Brooklyn at?