The Endurer @ Facebook Chicago 2/13/2020

Today was amazing. I had the opportunity to perform at Facebook Chicago. It was the moment of a lifetime and it was great! Yeah, messed up the last two of my 32 bar flow but the staff were cheering so loud at the energy and the powerful vocalist I don’t think most of them noticed.

I couldn’t imagine at 43 years old my life would finally wake up at the words of my wife to start pursuing my dreams and leave the world of depression. At age 48 now, my mental is in such a better place. I graduated from college, released a book, and dropped an album at the age of 47. I have performed at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with the famed Victor Van Wooten. I work for one of the greatest educational institutions on the planet.

I will keep dreaming, I will keep murdering mediocrity, and I will keep pursuing my Purpose Path. There is no destination for me, it’s the journey to which I cleave daily. Loving people, embracing change, and continually growing to take the big leap of Faith into destiny as it calls. Sometimes the road gets rough, the mental gets crowded, but the Divine, from time to time, allows us to see that our labor is not in vain. It is simply necessary for the refining process.

Blessings from Tony B.