They took the court proudly
As they always have
Never assuming arrogance
Ready to give it all
Game by game in the face of challenge
And then it happened
A missed layup, missed free throw, a missed jump shot
And then it happened
A change, a shift, a rift
Quite normal in America

They learned that they can’t afford to miss a layup
Because a plot was laid up
Can’t afford to miss a jump shot
Because a plot was jumping at a shot to take them down
Can’t afford to miss a free throw
Cause opposition would freely throw invisible calls

And it was a foul odor in the air
It wasn’t fair
Every three drained was a penalty
Every shot made was an opposite call given
They met history and pain at the same moment
We teach our Black babies they have to be twice as good
Twice as better and if they don’t want to lose by three
They must be up by 20

And maybe they can measure up to the call
That we are all created equal
They learned they are great but will never be equal
And like politicians make laws to suppress votes
Officials will make calls to change the outcomes

No one will say anything to challenge the status quo
Parents went home, consoling their children
Children went home, not believing what happened
And staff were shocked at the blatant display
Can hatred still be America’s way?

They learned that racism is a crazy ripple
Even when they shut up and dribble