Black man, wake up bro

I get it. You worked hard.

You did you. Became the beast

Worked your way up

As far as they would let you grow

You thought they loved you

You got personal, opened yourself up

You thought you arrived

You didn’t. They don’t love you.

They ain’t supposed to

You looked for validation

God warned you, focus on Him

The supplier of your needs

They don’t like you

They don’t have to. They’re not supposed to

You are great

As you are enough

%$&* their diversity

%$&* their performative measures

It ain’t about them it’s about you

I warned you. You got comfortable

Thought you belonged. You ain’t family

You will never be equal ain’t no sequel

It’s already written, you got beside yourself

Thought you had value

Well, you do, but it ain’t their thoughts

Ain’t what they feel

When will you start believing in yourself

Stop waiting for someone to lift you up

They won’t parade your value, how can they?

You better wake up and believe God

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

Own that ish, walk that ish talk that ish

You a bad mutha… open yo mouth

Speak life to yourself, get what you need

Remember the big picture

When you belong to God that’s all you heed

I feel your heart break, snapped like a twig

But dig, it ain’t life it’s a gig

$&}* their diversity Black man

You have always stood alone

No more check boxes

No more I should have done this better

You are a #%*} genius as you are

Walk up Black man. Chalk up.

Chin up, chest pumped, head forward

LOCS drippin’, chain whippin’

Stop doing them, do you!

Love you, be you, to you, be true

You are a powerful testimony

^#*? Oppression, racism, and discrimination

Rise up, wise up

Black man, listen…