Her mom misses her
A child is gone too soon

Today she’s 27, smiling, excited
Her mom, crying with joy

Miranda is getting married
She has finished college
A new chapter will begin for her
Kris is full, relishing in the beauty
Her womb produced an earthly angel
She longs for the future in a few years
She’ll get to hold her grandchildren
Give them the love she holds for her own

Friends gather from all around, cell phones waiting
Church bells as the clock strikes 12
The door opens
Sun blazes through the clandestine entrance

But there is no one present
No bride, no groom, no organist
No priest, no hope
She holds newspaper clippings
When her world unraveled
Evil landed at her door
Without permission
Shattered her world
Damaged, screaming, hopeless
In broken hope so she lives in dreams
Of impossible possibles

My child was murdered in the womb
But Kris’ child was given a death
From the seed that bore her
And for a long time she blamed herself

She finds herself in a new world
A Husband who loves her
Children who honor her
Friends who support her
And a cause the beckons her daily

In her moments alone
She sits, tea in hand
Talking to the image she remembers
They embrace in a realm unseen

There’s a void in my life
A distant relative unknown
And she speaks through the ancients
Sounds through prisms of time

I’m reminded that death is not racist
Evil is not prejudice

And at their best in doing their worse
They could not defeat love
Miranda is love, and she lives on

Happy Birthday, Niece! Love, Uncle T.

To learn more about Kris & Miranda’s story, please watch this YT video.