I spent six months in an extraordinary Mastermind Group this year. Lead by one of the most critical thinkers I know, Desiree Adaway, a group of men decided to take the challenge of bringing order to chaos, dreams to vision, passion and influence to fruition.

The Challenges Presented:
1. Cut out the B.S.
a. Who are you blaming for you not getting things done?
b. Who are you listening to that’s telling you, “you’re not good enough”?
c. Why are you refusing to follow your God-given destiny?
d. What are you willing to give up?
2. What do you want to Accomplish?
a. Dreams
b. Businesses
c. Books

Over six months we delved into the what-if’s on the positive side. What if you actually have a great idea? What if it actually succeeds? What if you invested in yourself as much as you invested in your job? What if you actually lived life as you were important? All of these are great what-if’s but the challenge I found was facing the man in the mirror. How do you overcome years of being the underdog? Years of self-doubt and wrestling with self-inadequacy? Simply put, how do you write the vision and make it plan. And where does one even start? I still don’t have all the answers but I know this, until I put it down on paper I didn’t have a clue. It’s been a little over 6 months and my poetry book is almost complete. A few more edits and wow, it’s almost ready for publishing within the next 3 months.

There’s no way to tackle everything and the Mastermind group wasn’t designed to tackle everything, it was designed to get me to realize that my potential is limitless as long as I make good use of my limited time in this realm. Mastermind pushed my thoughts from darkness to light in regards to the existence of Tony Briscoe – The Endurer. It’s a fight everyday to get up, step out into the world and be surrounded by some of the most incredible thinkers I know and say to myself, “You’re one of those great thinkers”.

Not one person in my group had a desire to do business solely for sake of self. We all wanted to change the world through writing, through traveling, through philanthropy, through change and organizational management. Are you stuck? Are you stagnated? Are you fearful of success? Then maybe, just maybe, a Mastermind group should be in your future to challenge the greatness inside of you and the power that keeps you pushing everyday to excel beyond your position, your title, and your organization to become the hope you are destined to be. Focus on you for a period. A little motivational selfishness will foster a life of selflessness. Ask yourself those questions above and decide to do something about it. I dare you to dream again…