I wonder if they sleep at night

Jurors, who convicted the pure

Little African and Latin boys

Detectives who are retired hugging

Loving on their great grandkids

Attorney’s who sacrificed innocent lives

For the sake of political pressure

Judges who preside over BS trials

Allowing our brothers to be lead as lambs

To the slaughter, young son locked up as a baby

With grown men, African like him, who should

Have watched his back but they bent his back over

Ran their penis’ up his rectum

Shoved their erections in his mouth

Prison guards, torturing and pimping young lives

I wonder if they sleep at night, prosecutors

Who built their riches on the new Jim Crow era

Made slaves out of Kings but they will never be slaves

My ancestors went through hell and back

You house nigga prison guards

Preying on your own kind because you’ve lost

Your own identity filling high and mighty

With your badge on, demons in uniforms

Heart of coward who sits in White Houses

Taking out ads in the New York Times

To call for the death penalty for our sons

To feel their quotas living in ivory towers

While oppressing their parents

Are you proud America of your racist history

You never knew Yeshua you just pimped him

For your own glory, rot in hell you will never find redemption

But I doubt if you care

Because you sleep at night, no guilt for your past

No concern for the lives you’ve destroyed

You are White Justice, playing with African and Latin lives

Murders, liars, manipulative human monsters

And my brothers are left broken, in shambles

By your system of oppression and we struggle

To find our identity, don’t call me black every again

I will find my way home, to my tribe, my people

Because behind bars, God still sent an angel

To watch over, cover, protect

But what do you care







You sleep at night.

Drops of Ink: Trials of the Endurer