According to the video I have linked to this post, 200 rappers died last year according to this video. It was full of young men CHAMPS likes to get a hold of and get into their world. Often that comes with putting ourselves in harm’s way. This work isn’t for the faint. The representation of Hip Hop has been a far cry from Self Destruction and All in the Same Gang. While I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, I listened to the late Bishop Brazier in a one-on-one meeting tell me why he felt that rap music was taking our young people down a dark path.
He told me why he always preferred me to do Spoken Word, but before we ended our meetings, he gave me a challenge never to conform. “If you believe this is what God has called you to do, then bless you, Bro. Briscoe, and don’t forget to pay your tithes.” lol. I love him for his words and support.
I’m not saying watch the video; it’s full of the “byword” that scripture speaks of in Deuteronomy. It’s full of our queens, daughters, mothers, and sisters called bi*****. This form of music is not a complete representation of hip hop or rap music. The hype of social media and quick access to apps is turning keyboard gangsters into real ones.
So many are fathers, and they are leaving their kids and women to raise bastard children. It’s a long curse for neglecting Yahweh/JAH/Yeshua’s Word.  These young men are just that, young. There is hope for them; there should be respect for them, and there should be love for them and teaching them the right way. We can’t expect children in poverty-stricken communities to be what we deem “model citizens” without teaching them a better way. I’ll continue to do my part by staying true to my hip-hop form and lifting our people. Maybe one day it will be as popular as all the music played across that airwaves that’s leading to the death of our sons.
Blessings and condolences to Snoop Dogg with his mother transitioning from mortality to immortality. She is resting with Yeshua. Absent in the body is present with the Lord!  I’ve admired Snoop’s progress from a young G to a grown man and love hearing him speak. Blessings brother.