You are greatness, you are your own priority

Forget the stigmas, forget the media

Forget those who blessed you when you are up and curse you when you are down

You are extraordinary

Forget ordinary thoughts and people who would try to tear you down

You are your own priority, and you owe us nothing but to take care of you

Your health, your mental space, you’ve given so much

With a smile, with passion, with love, with purpose

Some have taken so much from you

Rise Simone and Rest

To be the best for you, your family, your loved ones

Ignore their opinions, they mean nothing

They seek to tear you down because you didn’t meet their expectations

They never prayed for your health, they never prayed for your strength

They expect you every day to do what you can for them

Make them feel better about themselves

Make them hope is something they can’t do or achieve

Rise, Simone, and rest!

We know how they treat Black Athletes

They will burn jerseys, spray a byword on your home

Throw your shoes in a bonfire, call you Benedict Arnold

Threaten your family, say you betrayed them

Don’t sweat them, it’s not your fault

Their lives are incomplete, broken, purposeless

And it’s not your job to fill the hole in their existence

Rest, and make you whole

You are extraordinary