Walking, briskly, thinking; tires screeching, window down, shots fired

Chest burning, falling, hands, clutching, near heart, life, lights, flashing, brea…thing…

Steel, molded, sculpted, shaped, engineered, masterful, iron, nestled, curled tightly in hands of cold hearts, change the world

Lead, powder, merged together, unity, ignited, fire, fast moving, no time to react

Sounds, penetrating, disturbing, distracting havoc, fear, child, not home, sirens, blaring parents screaming, news reporting, siblings crushed, angry, confused

Classmates, numb, emotionless, scared, dying, picked, off, one-by-one, teachers lament, administrators confused, support staff stricken, education, coffins, counseling necessary, rejected, prayers, stagnate, actions limited, safety obscure, politicians, voting, dead, useless, is it, yes, no, frivolous

Hope deferred, graduation, buried, forgotten, locker, memorialized, enshrined, youth, future, dim, snuffed, out, ousted, why try, push, stop, forward, never, help, no purpose, drained, press, march, all lives, don’t matter

Smiling, enemies, living, laughing, got him, oops, opps, mistake, next time, memories, heartless, cold, bastards, godless, possessed, hostile, savages, hold steel, pump lead, red puddles, marking, territory, like dogs, killers, cold, shaped, molded, sculpted, assassins, mass sins

Fernando didn’t live long enough to become president

Guns set precedence

A number not relevant; statistic, Chicago streets sadistic, to guns we are addicted, movies and hip hop depict it, so explicit

Our rights to bear arms is our intent to do harm, or is it, cryptic, we will change our name, but never a second amendment. That’s prison!