I have seen several Black men, FBF, and associates post the featured image. They caption it “A Black Woman’s Worst Nightmare”.

I find it racist, disgusting, misogynistic, and offensive. It perpetuates a consistent and constant rift that looks to further divide our kings from our queens.

Even shared in humor, I have watched men who have shared this either remain non-responsive to comments or defending themselves at the onslaught of Black women who question why a Black man would post an image with such a caption.

Let me be clear, this isn’t about who you love. Let’s not conflate what I am stating. Have you ever thought to consider what the struggle of Black women, who are the leading entrepreneurs in the nation if I may add, is on a daily basis? From the corporate boardroom to the young lady who’s a sanitation worker picking up my trash once a week, Black women are subjected to attacks, harassment, and a barrage of disrespect.

There is a duality in the image against White women as well. It’s the assumption that they are not attractive or desired by men within their race unless they look or have certain features that “resemble” that of Black women. It’s the assumptions and projection that only these “type” of White women are considered attractive by Black men. Not surprisingly, White women deal with similar attacks against them in a male dominated society.

As I close I can list a few things that are the top priority of Black women’s “Worst Nightmare”. 1. A Black son murdered by police. 2 A Black son murdered by another Black man. 3. Being left alone to raise her children. 4. Being beat by a man. 5. Being forced to get a restraining order. 6. Having your son thrown off a balcony for rejecting a man’s advances. 7. Having to get a full lateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. I could go on but you get my point…

Bottom line, while I realize addressing and sharing the photo can be perceived as contributing to the narrative, Black men should be more responsible and sensitive before posting such pictures with captions that indirectly have a deeper subconscious impact reflecting our true feelings towards our mothers, grandmothers, and sisters.